Company Description

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.”

Deborah Cater

Red Dot Grocer is a multi-ethnic, family-owned start-up passionate about bridging cultures (and filling bellies!) with quality ingredients, delectable foods and heart-warming heritage flavors from Singapore. Red Dot Grocer curates products made with recipes passed down from generation to generation, taking the pain of guesswork out of treasured, inexact recipes and instead helping families everywhere make delicious meals reminiscent of balmy Singapore in no time at all. Whether you’re a student missing a taste of home, an international cuisine extraordinaire or a spicy food fiend, there’s something for every one of you.

Company Products

Red Dot Grocer specializes in selling readymade cooking pastes (e.g. curry, laksa, chicken rice), cooking and soya sauces, a wide range of chilli sauces and sambals (there’s more to life than just sambal oelek and sriracha!), drinks (e.g. traditional pulled tea or “teh tarik”) and popular snacks (e.g. salted egg potato chips).


Red Dot Grocer

Rheindorfer Straße 134C
53225 Bonn


+49 228 7219 8822

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